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Yummy Nyamy Yummy Nyamy

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Okay I'll take few minutes and give you an idea what I think about the game. Game is good, a lot of people like to play games like this. BUT...

- tutorials (it gives professional look to game and we like it, even because most of us don't need instructions in games like this, we know how to play)
- design (it's great and really can be used in one of top games, great work here!)
- music and music effects (everything good!)

- waaaay to long transactions between scenes
- if moves left, it shows stars and points earned before asking if you want to continue (it should be before showing results, logically)
- dragging map (as in candy crush for example)... it's giving a game much more interesting look and keeps players interested in further playing
- you can't see how much levels are there, we like to see how much zillion-million hours of fun are waiting for us! ;)
- very important, it's NOT random!! Really bad! You should make it random! I strongly recommend you to make it random, it's giving game the rest of fun!
- giving like 2 moves on some of first levels is let's say, well, stupid.... make every level interesting to play! :)

Here you go, I hope that I helped as much as I could! :)

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